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she puts the weights into my little heart

I walk into the Knitting Factory. We go into the main space. The room is full, but not packed. I slither towards the front, from the right side of the room. Someone moves on my left, I dart towards the front. There is a large open space in need of my awkward body + camera combination. I look down to turn the camera on, and I notice a tall girl to my left. She's wearing a white t shirt and staring at me. My head is still aimed towards the floor. The girl to my left pokes a shorter girl in front of me. She turns and stares. They whisper. They finally take their attention away from me. I look up. I think to myself, with my luck I did these girls wrong sometime in the past and now they want to slice this bitch. A song passes by. I'm looking towards the stage avoiding eye contact with everyone, because I am paranoid. The girl in the white t shirt goes, hey you! and gets my attention. She asks, "weren't you at the Knitting Factory a couple of months ago?" and I said that it was possible. She says, "weren't you here for Patent Pending?" and all I could think was oh Jesus, these girls were the girls Anthony's mom told to move. But I replied with a yes, thinking both downstairs and upstairs, hah. She replied, "yeah you were selling their merch right? Well you fell and screwed up your knee. You were looking for my shirt!!" and she smiled.

I had never felt pain, until that night.

I haven't felt this way in a while.
But for some reason today feels like an appropriate day to go to the Smithhaven Mall with Natalie.
Though I'm not too sure what the qualifications for something like that are.
It just feels like it would be right.

My friend pigeon that is the size of a turkey is outside again.

Good morning.
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fuck those petty bitches, i think that if i was there i'd have popped em for you!

xo k.
awww baby<3
i know you would have

happy monday
hope your weekend was great
oh, ok.